We believe that the teenage years are crucial. This age is one in which people usually make decisions to commit to Christ. These are the years that prepare kids for going to college and leaving home. So we strive to teach our youth not to rely on their parents’ faith but to have developed their own personal relationship with Christ. We also seek to teach them how to grow in Christ by teaching them how to read and study their Bibles as well as how to pray and communicate with God.

We offer a youth Sunday school class at 9:00 a.m. led by our youth minister Juwan Durgan. In this class, they will hear a dynamic lesson that goes deeper into the Bible stories they likely already know to show them that there is always more to learn. Each lesson makes the circle to point back to Christ as we believe the entire Bible does. These lessons will both challenge them and encourage them to go deeper in their walk with God.

We also have Wednesday services for the youth. These services are casual and begin at 6:00 p.m. The students will be given a brief lesson on a story of the Bible. The goal of the lessons on Wednesday is to lead the students in discussion on the Bible and what God is doing in their lives. This is also a great time for any questions a student may have.

Our youth also have unique opportunities to go beyond their class and the walls of the church. Each month the youth have one free event to hang out and grow friendships and also an event which costs. We try to keep the events that require money as cost efficient as possible. We also strive to get the youth connected with people who have a relationship with Christ but are a bit older than them. Therefore, our college age class is very invested in the youth and usually attend youth events to help chaperone and grow relationships. We believe that mentor relationships help grow faith exceptionally.

Another opportunity the youth have to see the faith of the college class demonstrated is through a monthly Bible study. Both college- and youth- age students are encouraged to attend. This Bible study is held at our local coffee shop, Café Mosaic. We encourage the students to lead the Bible study rather than the teachers. We believe this offers the opportunity for students to learn to share their faith and study their Bibles. These Bible studies happen monthly but are on an “as announced” schedule.