About Us

Emmanuel is a place for everyone. Whether you’re wanting to learn more about who God is, or looking for a church that has a firm grip on His Word, you are welcome here. You’ll see families, singles, all ages and stages. You’ll see bikers, bankers, tattoos and traditional folks. And when you come, you’ll see God shows up too.

Join us on Sunday morning for services that include live contemporary worship music and Biblical teaching. You will hear Biblical teaching to grow you in knowledge of the Lord, to challenge you into a deeper walk with Christ, and have much opportunity here to serve Him by serving others.

Small groups: grow your walk with Christ.

Here at Emmanuel Baptist Church, we believe that relationships with people are second only to your personal relationship with God. We strive to provide a safe place for relationships to grow with each other and grow in Christ. Our mission is multifaceted but one: We seek to know God, grow with those around us in our knowledge and love for Christ, and then take that love to those in our community and around the world. We believe in missions both worldwide and in our backyard.

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