working together

Emmanuel Baptist Church is an autonomous local church. This means that we are self-governing and answer only to the members of the local church. The church is not governed by any outside group, parachurch organization, or conference.

We do, however, choose to affiliate with and work with like-minded groups. The following are groups that we associate with.

Acadia Baptist Association: A group of churches related by a common belief system and geographic area. This group is made up of several dozen churches who work together for training, encouragement, evangelism, and church planting. We support this group through monthly giving.

Louisiana Baptist Convention: A statewide group of churches numbering about 1600 that works together to propagate the Gospel in the state of Louisiana. The convention is supported through monthly giving.

Southern Baptist Convention: The overarching convention of all Southern Baptist churches in the US. The convention works to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in several areas such as the International Mission Board (IMB), the North American Mission Board (NAMB), six seminaries, as well as the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. These various groups are supported through the Cooperative Program, which we give to monthly.

International Mission Board: An arm of the Southern Baptist Convention with the goal of sharing the Gospel with the world. The International Mission Board works with both adults and students. Students should contact us for involvement or contact IMB Students.

North American Mission Board: An arm of the Southern Baptist Convention with the goal of spreading the Gospel in the US and Canada.